Super Decathlon - Dynaflite


6.12.2004 Today, I installed an additional fuselage longerons to make fuselage look a less flat and closer to full-scale Decathlon. Wings were installed as well.
09.12.2004 Sheeting of bottom side of fuselage with 3mm balsa. Very easy task when you put balsa sheets into water for a minute. Thanks to my friend I made a sailplanes towing hook which is installed too.
24.12.2004 Due to some free time, I could go quickly forward with building wokrs. Engine cowl and landing gear are almost ready. Now, I've to install windows and interrior gadgets, then can start with covering.
13.02.2005 Finally had a chance to work on model. Covering is on it's way to me, so I could start to install hinges and horns.
17.02.2005 Oracover just arrived, so I'm starting covering works. It stick's perfectly to the airframe.
5.03.2005 Covering work continues :)
11.03.2005 Today, I'm a bit lazy so only markings are placed on the fuselage. Now working on tail struts.
21.03.2005 There were no excuses for me... Finally I had to make wingtips. There was a lot of balsa dust in my room. Now I've finished my wings. They're ready to cover. Today my accu packs arrived too: 1800mAh NiMH for ignition module and 2000mAh for receiver. Servos from Staufenbiel (Germany) and a muffler from RC Showcase (USA) should arrive.
25.03.2005 Wings fully covered. It's time for stars & stripes.
27.03.2005 Stars and stripes already on their places. Now, some break until servos arrive.
29.04.2005 Finally, after one month I returned back to works. Supersonic muffler arrived and almost everything is already installed.
6.06.2005 Another month passed. In the middle time I changed transmitter (Graupner MC-19) and installed RC. Now, finishing wing struts.
4.07.2005 Decathlon ready for maiden flight. It will occur during international modelers picnic on Zar (southern Poland - near Zywiec in Beskid Maly mountains). After some problems with engine settings (thanks to Przemek Lewandowski, Tino Titze and Marek Urbanicz for their help) I tried to takeoff for the first time.After short take off run, where I didn't had to use rudder it "lost" contact with ground. Just after that, Decathlon started to climb verticaly. Yess... very nice overpower ;) In level flight it's a rock solid. Every stick movement is quickly visible in the flight. I didn't had to trim level flight which is possible even on 30% of thrust. It will be great towing tug, but first I've to change propeller. Now I'm using small (18x10) prop, because of low prop to ground clearance. For towing will use 3-blade 19x10 which will give me ab. 25 lbs of thrust (now, I've ab. 17 lbs of thrust). Landing is as gentle as a breeze. Just close throttle and add a little of power just before flare. It settles on 3 points easily. Unluckily, during last flight tail wheel was broken (the stock one is a piece of a crap). No flying until I make a new one..