Super Decathlon - Dynaflite


Product of Dyna Flite from USA. It's a "sawmill" as usual :)

Quite bigger now and powered by bit bigger motor compared to my other models. It's a successor of my tragicaly died Decathlon from Great Planes.

Here is a paint scheme which I'll use to finish it.

Technical data:

scale 1:4
Wingspan - 2.26m
Lenght - 1.75m
Wing area - 80dm2
Weight (as claimed by DynaFlite) 7.2kg - 8.1kg
Profile - Selig 8036

To power this bird I'll use a ZDZ 40ccm motor I bought from Model Partner

i bought this kit in Tower Hobbies. They don't ship big models like this one overseas, but my friend helped me a lot.

After opening of box i saw a lot of a wood :) Parts seems to be cut very acurately. Quality of wood is very good as well.

20.08.2004 Very important date: I just started of work on Decathlon. As manual state: I started from a tail.
21.08.2004 I just finished a tail. It's heavy and rigid. Now, I know, why producer claims a 7-8kg of weight.
24.08.2004 Today, I started to build wings. It's quite easy. I'm using a CA and aliphatic resin glues.
6.09.2004 Today I started to continue work on wings. Sheeting is done and leading edge glued in place.It will be heavy. ab. 1kg per wing half.
10.09.2004 First wing half already finished (except this large wingtip which needs a lot of carving and sanding). Aileron ready too. Now, it's time to begin other half of wing. I didn't had any difficulties yet. Everything matches really great.
12.10.2004 After a quite long break, I started to build a fuselage. Have to modify engine mount to fit my ZDZ.
17.10.2004 Fuselage frame is almost completed. Now, I can work on engine mount.
03.11.2004 After another long break, I can continue to build of fuselage. Already, an engine mount is finished.
7.11.2004 Today, I glued a firewall to the fuselage and "invented" a manual choke lever mechanism.
8.11.2004 Today, I created an avionics panel for cockpit and installed a spinner.
10.11.2004 Due to lack of time, I only installed a prop and created some small detail. Engine area fuel proofing was done and thanks to discussion with Piotr Piechowski a towing hook was designed.
29.11.2004 Thanks to Piotr Piechowski from I got a felt clunk for my fuel tank. I did some firewall and fuselage works as well.
Continued on side 2